About Us



Our video production company is called Mustache Power Productions. We acknowledge the awesomeness of the name and promise that there is a story behind it (a very long story). For now let's leave it at this: Mustache Power was the name of our founder's first short film. We're pros at live-streaming events, and have been in this industry for quite some time. MPP is headed up by Clark Winegar and Clovis Long who are pretty awesome. And no, neither one of them wrote this blurb. 

The Origin of Your Own Studio

As a video production company, we often need a studio for our various projects. In the past, we'd rent out a warehouse or conference room. It didn't make fiscal sense to build our own full-time studio, but after months and months of hauling gear, paying high studio rental fees, and appearing not-so-professional to our clients, we knew something had to change.

We came up with an idea that could change the studio game; not only for us, but for the entire Utah film/photography community. We've constructed a cost-effective shared space that will excite videographers, photographers, and their clients. 

Your Own Studio is a revolutionary concept that gives videographers and photographers in Utah the chance to have their own studio without a high financial investment. We offer a white-labeled studio and lobby at an affordable monthly rate. All of the cumbersome equipment is included and located onsite. Our beautiful lobby will have your signage displayed, your portfolio playing on a 42" flatscreen, and a receptionist that will greet your clients and assist you as needed. 

The studio has proved to be very beneficial for us, and we hope it will benefit you too!